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Person navigating one of the top road safety apps

Top road safety apps for a smooth journey

Using our smartphones for navigation, communication, and entertainment has become a part of our daily routine. If you’re one of those who rely on your phone while on the road, we’ve got you covered. Check out our recommended top road safety apps that you should download for a safer and smoother journey.

Depending on your device, you can download these apps from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Navigation and real-time traffic alert apps

Unless you’re one of the few who still prefer using an actual map book, there’s no denying the convenience of navigation apps. Our top picks for guiding your driving route are Google MapsWaze, and Apple Maps.

These apps help you navigate unfamiliar roads and avoid traffic jams, ensuring a hassle-free journey. Their voice prompts also mean you don’t have to look down to follow the directions.

Road safety apps

Safety is a top priority in South Africa. With approximately 66 cars stolen daily across the country, it’s essential to have apps that can help you stay safe and provide help during emergencies.

Panic button apps

These apps allow you to alert first responders, emergency contacts, and authorities when you need assistance.

Bull Horns

Shake your phone or open the app to alert your emergency contacts and security company with your real-time location.


Connects you to emergency services and provides real-time assistance.


Offers armed response and medical assistance at the push of a button.

Tracker CareGuard App

Provides rapid emergency and medical response services.

Many cell phone carriers, such as Vodacom and MTN, offer safety apps that include ICE and national emergency numbers at no additional cost. Check what your cell phone provider offers to keep you safe on the road.

Share location with family

For added security, share your location with trusted family or friends who can monitor your journey and intervene if necessary.


Provides real-time location sharing with chosen contacts so they can track your movements and receive notifications when you leave or arrive at specific locations. It also features a “Request Assistance” button to send immediate alerts to the control room during emergencies.


This app enables you to track family members and share your location, with smart notifications alerting circle members when someone leaves or arrives at a destination.


Offers 24/7 real-time location sharing with your circle, featuring in-app chat, emergency alerts, and notifications for arrivals and departures, along with battery status tracking for connected contacts.

WhatsApp’s Live Location

WhatsApp lets you share your real-time location with individual or group chats for a chosen duration. It offers end-to-end encryption to ensure only selected contacts can view your location, providing a seamless safety feature within the popular messaging app.

App in case you’re in an accident

In an accident or emergency, these apps can help you find the nearest police stations and report incidents.


After registering and creating a profile, users can send anonymous tips, locate nearby police stations, and send emergency messages.

Your car insurance app

The Prime South Africa App provides any of our policyholders with roadside assistance, access to policy documents, emergency help, and the ability to submit claims from the app.

Prime Protect

We at Prime are launching an exciting new app that serves as your on-the-road guardian. Our Prime Protect App will offer R10,000 Accidental Death Cover, Road Accident Fund Claim Assist, free private medical treatment for injured passengers, and 24/7 accident detection.

Furthermore, you’ll get exclusive excess fee reductions, emergency assistance, theft and hijacking cover, and other cost-saving benefits. Terms and conditions apply.

Distracted while driving apps

Using your cell phone while driving is not only illegal but also dangerous. Distractions like texting or calling can lead to accidents – in fact, around 25% of all crashes in South Africa are because the driver was using their cell phone.

Here are some top apps to use while driving so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Read and respond to messages

Stay connected without compromising safety with these text-to-speech apps.

Ping Message Outloud

Eliminates the ‘urge’ for drivers to check their phones by automatically reading WhatsApp, email, SMS, and all other messages out loud so you can focus on the road.

Voice Notify

Notifies you of incoming messages through voice alerts.

Get car insurance

While these apps offer great safety features, having car insurance adds an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

With our range of affordable coverage options, you can drive with confidence, knowing you’re covered in case of theft or accidents.

Visit Prime for more information, and apply online today to get your obligation-free quote.


This article provides general information about different mobile apps that can help you have a smooth journey. However, it is not a comprehensive list of available apps, and there may be other information not included in this article. Therefore, always do your own research and talk to your car insurance provider about the apps they require.

Remember to buy car insurance with much thought and only through a certified financial services provider.

Reach out to us today to learn more about getting affordable, comprehensive car insurance with fixed premiums* and a reduce-to-zero excess*. *T&Cs apply.

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