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Why get comprehensive car insurance for a new Ford EcoSport in South Africa?

The Ford EcoSport has been popular ever since its first arrival in South Africa in 2013, and even more so now. The 2018 model of the Ford EcoSport enjoyed massive sales when it was released.1 Keeping in mind the budget-conscious commuter who would love to drive an affordable automatic SUV, Ford came up with a 6-speed automatic EcoSport. Read on and find out more about the new EcoSport and why comprehensive car insurance is needed for a new Ford EcoSport in South Africa.

The EcoSport’s 1.5 Ambiente model1

The Ambiente has standard 16-inch steel wheels with covers, and a ground clearance set at 206 mm. The Ambiente automatic has a naturally aspirated 1.5-litre engine with a power output of 91 kW and a torque of 150 Nm. Trying to obtain too much power from the engine has proved counterproductive. The trick is to apply the throttle gently and steadily, thereby producing a steady power output. Unfortunately, the EcoSport 1.5 Ambiente’s automatic is not turbo-charged, which means overtaking on highways can be a challenge.

The Ambiente’s interior1

The 4.2-inch SYNC system is equipped with Bluetooth telephony, MP3, and radio. Two USB ports are also available for connecting your devices. Much of the interior consists of hard plastic which can handle the usual family activities. For driver comfort, the steering wheel can be adjusted, and its multifunction capability allows the driver to access the information display. Unfortunately, cruise control is absent in the Ambiente model.

The Ambiente’s safety features1

The safety features of the Ambiente includes 6 airbags, brake assist, electronic stability control, and ABS with EBD. Rear park-distance control is an additional feature.

How does the EcoSport handle? 1

The Ford Ambiente doesn’t perform that well when at full capacity, but the tested fuel consumption stands at 7.8 litres/100 km. The Ford provides a balanced, stable ride, especially on highways, with sharp steering responding well.

How does the EcoSport perform off-road?1

With a higher clearance, the Ford manages gravel and sandy roads well. It’s important to remember to keep the Ford’s momentum going in sandy sections. The front-wheel-drive is not too helpful in rugged terrain, but you can keep the car in first gear for those tough sandy sections and steep hills despite it being an automatic.

This striking, small SUV needs protection from all that life can throw at it. As shown below, PMD can provide you with all the details on comprehensive car insurance.

Protect your new Ford EcoSport with comprehensive car insurance2

Anyone buying a new car in South Africa that any financial institution finances has to purchase comprehensive car insurance by law before the newly-bought vehicle leaves the showroom. Comprehensive car insurance with PMD includes fantastic and unique benefits such as an excess that reduces to zero and premiums that never increase.* You are also covered for third-party accidents up to R1 million per incident. The Ford’s full retail value is insured for natural disasters or fires, write-offs, accidents, hijacking, or theft. You also get 24-hour roadside assistance, towing service, hail damage and glass cover with the comprehensive car insurance offer with PMD. T’s and C’s apply.


This article should only be considered for information purposes as car insurance is not straightforward. Please obtain professional advice from a certified financial advisor if you want to purchase car insurance.

Is it time to buy yourself a Ford EcoSport? Prices vary from R297 400 for the EcoSport 1.5 Ambiente 5MT to R393 600 for the EcoSport 1.0 EcoBoost Titanium 6AT.3. Enjoy added peace of mind should you buy a Ford EcoSport with affordable and reliable, comprehensive car insurance from PMD.

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