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Top 10 reasons to get car insurance from Prime South Africa

Why get car insurance from Prime? We pride ourselves in being transparent about what we offer and how it can benefit you. There are so many insurance providers and types of car insurance out there that it can be difficult to decide on the right fit for you.

That’s why we decided to outline all the benefits you get to enjoy if you choose Prime for your car insurance cover, some unique to South Africa and found nowhere else in the car insurance industry.

1. We offer fixed premiums

Premiums refer to the money paid, usually as a debit order each month, in exchange for car insurance cover. These premiums generally increase yearly because of costs associated with inflation.

However, at Prime, we understand that budgeting can be tough. That’s why we promise to keep your premium the same for 24 months if you remain claim free*. This way, you can have peace of mind that you can budget more accurately for the next 24 months without any surprise premium increases!

2. Credit shortfall protection

Credit Shortfall refers to the difference between the amount you owe the bank (or finance house) and the amount paid by your insurer for a claim when your car is stolen or hijacked and not recovered or written off in an accident.

If your car, which is currently being financed, is written off or hijacked and remains unrecovered, we offer assistance through our PRIME MOTOR policy. Please note that to qualify for this benefit, it must have been added to your policy, as it’s not a standard inclusion. Once your claim is approved, we step in to help.

This amount will match the current retail value of your car under the Prime Motor Comprehensive cover or the market value of your car under the Prime Motor Customised cover. If there’s an outstanding amount on your credit agreement even after our payment, don’t worry. With this optional benefit, we’ll help cover this remaining shortfall, specifically up to 20% of your car’s retail or market value at the time of the loss.

It’s important to note that credit shortfall protection does not apply to missed credit instalments or any balloon or residual amounts.

3. Discover our unique growing cover benefit

Growing Cover is an amount of money that increases each month according to the growth plan you select. We’ll contribute towards the repair or loss of your car from your Growing Benefit Amount (GBA) should your car be damaged or written off in an accident.

You can also use this money in the event of theft, hijacking, natural fire or disaster, or hailstorm*. This cover will go towards the estimated cost of your car repairs from your available Growing Cover or Growing Benefit Amount (GBA). It can increase by as little as R500 per month to as much as R4,000 per month, depending on your chosen plan.

Get your own Growing Cover benefit on any of our Customised and Third-Party PLUS car insurance plans.

*Hail cover is limited to R10,000 and R20,000 on Third Party Plus and Customised cover policies, respectively.

4. Excess reducing to zero, only from Prime

“Excess”, which is standard across all insurers, refers to the amount of money you, as the client, must pay when making a claim. Essentially, it’s the self-insured part of any claim.

Unlike other insurers, Prime offers a unique Reducing Excess, which means that should you remain accident-free, your basic excess will reduce to zero over 36 months.

If you make a claim or miss a premium payment, your excess resets and will start reducing from the full amount until your next claim or until the 36-month period is over.

5. We make it easy for you to claim

Because we take the stress out of the claiming process, there are three simple ways to make your claim. You can call us during office hours, make your claim on the Prime app, or visit our website to make your insurance claim.

6. Providing personal service, every time

We believe in placing our clients’ needs and experiences at the centre of everything we do. Therefore, we provide the best, personalised experience possible by genuinely connecting with people. Our customer service is what we get most complimented for on review platforms like Hellopeter.

7. Third-party cover

We go a step further than traditional third-party insurance providers, who only provide cover to the third party’s vehicle or property. Our Third-Party Cover includes a unique Growing Cover Benefit for damage to our clients’ cars in the event of an accident.

8. Customised cover

We believe that every South African should have access to affordable insurance cover. This is why we allow our clients to choose the level of insurance cover according to their budget.

9. Accidental death cover

As part of our comprehensive car insurance, we include complimentary Accidental Death Cover worth R10,000. However, you can increase this cover for a monthly fee. The specific fee will depend on the cover you choose, with the maximum coverage available being R100,000. For the top plan, there’s an additional monthly cost of R40.

10. Roadside assist and towing services

Stay safe with 24-hour roadside assistance and towing services on any of our Comprehensive plans, or add it to your Customised and Third-Party PLUS plans. We’ll send the help you need wherever you might be stranded next to the road.

Get car insurance you can trust today

We’re proud to be rated as one of the top insurance providers on South Africa’s number one online review platform, Hellopeter. You can read more about what our Prime Family has to say here.

Get your car insurance quote today to see how much you can save and enjoy peace of mind that you’re backed by the best. Here’s to many more safe kilometres on the roads!


This article provides general information on what you gain when getting car insurance from Prime. However, please note that it all depends on the specific policy you sign, so make sure that you understand everything and ask any questions you might have before you agree to anything with any insurance provider. Terms and conditions apply to all of the points mentioned in this article. Prime is the non-mandated intermediary, and Santam Structured Insurance (SSI) is the insurer.

Remember to always buy car insurance with much thought and only through a certified financial services provider.

Reach out to us today to learn more about getting affordable, comprehensive car insurance with fixed premiums* and a reduce-to-zero excess*. *T&Cs apply.

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