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Hundreds of thousands of motoring accidents take place on South African roads every year, and while there are many local drivers who are cautious on the roads, there are tens more who aren't. Saving and spending money on a vehicle is a huge achievement however after such a big purchase, funds are often tight, making it impossible to buy car insurance.

Pule Sithole bought his first car at the age of 28. He had taken the bus to school, university and work, however with his wife expecting a baby, Pule decided to buy a small car to make it easier to get around. After successfully paying off his student loan, he then made a small deposit on a car and then made car repayments every month.

Pule searched for a cheap car insurance policy that met his needs while being affordable. While on his search however, he quickly found that South Africa's big named insurance companies, which offered conventional car insurance, were simply too expensive. Pule decided to temporarily put off his insurance hunt and focus on providing for his wife and baby and making the monthly car repayments.

Little did Pule know how dangerous his decision would be; after just four months on the road Pule was in an accident with a taxi. Three months after that his car was written-off when it slipped in an oil trail on the N2 between Johannesburg and Bloemfontein. He was left without a car and with no way to pay for its repairs. Pule now found himself in a truly unfortunate situation; while his car had been deemed undriveable, Pule was forced to continue making car repayments. He was forced to tighten his living expenses to put money away to fix the car.

Eighteen months later, Pule had managed to pay for the vital repairs of the car. And while the car still needed some minor adjustments, it was legal for use on public roads again. While the last amendments were made to his car, he made the decision to buy car insurance to avoid a similar situation occurring in the future. He braced himself for the financial hammering he was about to commit to.

Prime Meridian Direct (PMD). He decided to look at their website during one of his lunch breaks at work and was pleasantly surprised at what he saw. He had expected to see similar price plans to those of the conventional local insurance companies, but with PMD, he only had to pay R149 per month - a price he would happily pay.

Pule was just one of the forty million drivers in South Africa who do not have car insurance. Today, he has peace of mind that should he find himself in another accident, his finances wouldn't take a hard hit. Catering for low-income locals while offering quality customer service and maintaining a dedication to provide insurance with fix premiums for life, PMD’s car insurance protects the future of the everyday South African.

Get an online quote now by simply visiting or call our professional and friendly agents on 011 745 7800 and enjoy Fixed premiums for life with our innovative car insurance plans.

Get an online quote now by simply visiting the above links or contact us by calling our professional and friendly agents on 011 745 7800 and enjoy fixed premiums for life with our innovative car insurance plans.



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