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For assistance with a policy or a claim

Get a Car Insurance Quote

Fill in your details and we'll call you back

Existing Clients

For assistance with a policy or a claim

Third-party car insurance that covers your car if you have an accident and also offers fixed premiums*.

Third-party car insurance protection with a growing cover component that also protects your car.
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Discover a range of car insurance options to suit your budget.

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Comprehensive Cover
Comprehensive cover for your car with reduce-to-zero excess and fixed premiums*.
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Customised Cover
Customised cover that protects you in the event of a write-off with excess that reduces-to-zero and fixed premiums.*
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Why is third party cover an important part of car insurance?

Third party cover is the least of the car insurance options, and yet critically important. Why should that be so? Let’s read on and find out.

What is third party cover regarding car insurance?

Third party cover is a type of car insurance, which means exactly that. When you crash your car into another party’s car (a third party), then the insurer will pay out the damage caused to the third party’s car. Unfortunately, because this car insurance option invariably has the lowest premium, your car is not covered by most policies in the market. Thus, in the event of an accident, you may lose your car if it is a write-off, but at least you are covered for any damage to the third party’s car.

Where can I buy third party car insurance?

The modern trend is to buy car insurance online. An online car insurance quote ‘site aggregator’ can also be used, where quotes can be obtained from different insurers in a short period of time.

How do you buy third party car insurance?

Whether you purchase third party cover online or any other way, the rules remain the same. Whatever you do, be absolutely honest in answering all the questions. Some motorists have the mistaken view that some things need not be mentioned so that a lower premium can be negotiated. What such people don’t realise is that claim time is crunch time.

Avoid any possibility of your claim being rejected

In other words, at claim time, the insurer will ask you many questions regarding the accident, and that is when the truth will undoubtedly come out. Then comes the crunch – the entire claim could be rejected because your driver profile was not given honestly and correctly.

Ensure your car is roadworthy to avoid rejection of your claim

Yes, many motorists are not aware that, if your car’s tyres happen to be bald, or if the tyre tread is less than the legal depth at the time of an accident, you may fail to claim successfully.

Any rejection of a claim can be financially devastating

You can imagine how financially crippling a rejected claim can be. Yes, you have third party cover, but if that cover is rejected, you may be held fully liable for all damages incurred to the third party’s car. If that car happens to be the latest Porsche model, the damage could run into the hundreds of thousands of rands. Very few individuals in South Africa can afford to settle such a claim out of their own pockets.

Compulsory third party car insurance is sorely needed in South Africa

For years, the short-term insurance industry has pushed for the national implementation of compulsory third party car insurance. To date, unfortunately, nothing has materialised.

Why take a chance? Purchase affordable car insurance with PMD

We have read how important it is to have at least some car insurance such as third party cover, without which any accident can leave an uninsured motorist in a terrible financial state.

PMD sells affordable car insurance which you can purchase using their Online Insurance Purchase Platform. The entire process, which you can do from the comfort of your home or office at any time, is quick and easy. Should you encounter any problems, a call-back facility is available for you to use, as well as some audio and video materials.

Client review

Bonang Khoali shared her positive experience:

“Good day,

I would just like to give a huge shout out to one of your agents; Buhle, unfortunately, I do not know her surname. She was a star! Pleasant, articulate, timeous and could have sold me ice in the Antarctic. She is a keeper. She knows her stuff and related it in a manner that did not bore or have me wanting to get off the phone.

She enjoys her job and her interaction with me made that apparent. Not to mention the fact that your premiums are out of this world.

Thank you Buhle. Keep up the great work. GIVE THAT GIRL A BELLS!!!!



This article is intended for information only. Because car insurance is complex, please seek professional advice from a financial advisor when considering purchasing a car insurance product.