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Why is PMD Passionate About South Africa and Car Insurance?

Clearly what inspires a prospective client the most is to discover an insurer who is passionate about car insurance as well as South Africa and its people. Passion means there is a dedication by the insurer to excel at delivery of their products to a diverse motoring public. It is encapsulated in who they are and what they stand for.


Car insurance is not at all straightforward, and that’s why it’s best you regard this article as only information. If you want to buy a car insurance product, please contact a certified, financial advisor for professional guidance.

When did it all start?

To better understand the passion that PMD has for car insurance, we have to go back and see what happened earlier on. About 9 years ago, PMD became acutely aware of South Africa’s 70% uninsured motorists. It was no secret to PMD that the insurance products offered by traditional car insurance companies were well beyond the reach of most South African motorists. This passion to come up with a solution spurred PMD on to create the Total Loss motor car range of products, which provided a more affordable alternative. This gave hope to many uninsured motorists, who for the first time in their lives had car insurance products within their reach. Clearly, this is a win-win situation for both the motorist and the insurer.

There was another turning point in PMD’s history when the ongoing pressing needs of motorists without cover led to the creation of the Third Party Plus, Custom, and Comprehensive car insurance products.

Employees and clients

Coming up with creative and innovative ideas to develop affordable car insurance products is only the tip of the iceberg concerning any insurer. In the final analysis, PMD is dealing with people, both on the inside, namely, the staff as well as those on the outside, the clients. Without them, any insurance product would be meaningless. PMD has realised this and has placed enormous value on not only on its own staff and their development but also on its clients.

Employees thoughts reflect PMD’s passion for South Africa and clients

The dedication of the top of an organisation towards clients leads to an entire organisation that is dedicated to clients. That is true for PMD, where its passion for car insurance has permeated the entire workforce. This is exemplified by some of their below comments.

Catering for diverse cultures and backgrounds

A PMD Marketing Manager expresses the following opinion about South Africa and its cultural diversity. “I’m passionate about South Africa not only because it’s the place that I call home but for the diversity of our people with so many backgrounds and cultures. We as South Africans always strive to work hard and make a difference in everything we do. Although car insurance is a grudge purchase it’s still a necessity that we often overlook but sometimes cannot afford to live without it. With so many different backgrounds and cultures, it’s so important that car insurance industries adapt their product offerings to be more suitable for all South African’s budgets and needs. This is something that I feel PMD can be proud of as they strive to break through the cluttered traditional (comprehensive) car insurance market and innovating their car insurance products to offer a wider range of options (Total Loss car insurance cover, Growing car insurance cover as well as Comprehensive car insurance) for our consumers to choose from and can afford.”

Provide motorists with what they need

A Lead Transactor/Analyst has learnt how to appreciate each culture in South Africa, and that their various car insurance needs should be met. “Personally – Being part of the “born free millennial” I have always been surrounded with such diversity. Growing up there was barely ever any discrimination amongst us (most likely because we were uncertain what the word meant). Because of this it really gives you an opportunity to be passionate about what each culture has to offer and experience a different type of lifestyle to the ones our grandparents grew up with, as well as providing the choice to choose our future. Car insurance should be the same, it needs to provide us with a variety of options that we South African get to choose. There have been so many cases where you hear people select a company they cannot afford and does not give them the option to choose what is best for them or their family. When I started with PMD I never knew there was a company that could provide such insurance I have only thought impossible to do.”

Educating consumers about car insurance

A Creative Manager at PMD had this to say about the importance of the public knowing what car insurance options are on offer. “I feel that in our (PMDs) effort to be transparent we have to now also educate the consumer. It’s a whole new world of insurance and people need to know that they have other options. South Africa has so many diverse opportunities and our insurance is just one more product that is made by South African’s for South Africans.”

South Africa is full of opportunity and innovation

What is there not to love about South Africa, believes a Marketing Assistant at PMD? “Whether it’s our random acts of kindness or incredible landscape, there is always something to be passionate about when it comes to this beautiful country. South Africa is full of opportunity and innovation and provides a space for this in the car insurance industry. PMD has disrupted the insurance industry with its unique, innovative products that cater to all South Africans. We are passionate and obsessed with South Africa!”

Passion for South Africa and its people is reflected in PMD’s car insurance products

A Digital Specialist from PMD highlighted the importance of innovation to cater for South Africa’s diverse car insurance requirements. “South Africa is full of promise and opportunities for success. South Africans are friendly, optimistic and resilient people. I’m are proudly South African, and so is PMD, which is why we invest our time and efforts into car insurance products for all South Africans. Such innovative and affordable car insurance is sorely needed in South Africa.”

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