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Choosing your car insurance plan can be quite daunting as many insurance companies discriminate according to where you live, your gender, occupation and the likelihood of theft and so on, before agreeing to insure your vehicle. On top of this, they also charge exorbitant fees that the average person simply can't afford in today's difficult financial climate. Prime Meridian Direct's Prime Motor THRIFT Plan is different. This cheap car insurance option can suit any budget and ensures that regardless of your occupation or income - whether you come from an underprivileged background, or are a student, you will be able to afford car insurance. Driving an uninsured car is a risk for both you and your vehicle as well as the other drivers on the road. If you have an accident and your car is written-off, you need insurance to be able to afford a new means of transportation and if you crash into a third party's vehicle you need a means of paying for the damages. Without insurance, these additional expenses will inevitably burden you financially.

In a country like South Africa, we unfortunately must be aware that incidents such as thefts and hijackings are fairly frequent occurrences. There are over 140,000 thefts and hijackings happening on our roads each year and sadly no one is immune, regardless of how expensive your alarm system is, or what other precautionary measures you take. Many insurance companies will charge you more if they know that you live in an area where you are likely to be a victim of crime, or if you have no secure parking and no tracker system in your vehicle. Luckily, Prime Meridian Direct (PMD) does not discriminate and these factors will in no way negatively impact on your premium rates.

If your car is hijacked or stolen and remains missing for the duration of a thirty-day period, then you are entitled to claim the benefit, which is determined by the plan you selected and is established by the vehicle's current trading price. If your car is stolen, it's important to know what to do:

  • Firstly, you need to report the theft or hijacking to the South African Police Services without delay, but within 48 hours and make sure that you get a case number
  • Once you have the police case number and within 48 hours, you then need to lodge a claim with the Total Loss Protection Claims Centre (the number is 011 745 7800 or 086 100 9907)
  • When you call, ensure that you have your ID and Policy number on hand

Choosing your car insurance plan is also a very easy process. All you need to do visit and click on the yellow ‘get an online quote’ button. An online quote wqill be generated within minutes and the quickest way to get insurance for your car. Alternatively you can call one our helpful and friendly agents will assist you in getting the right plan for you. PMD’s PRIME MOTORTHRIFT Plan is ideal for any budget and will ensure that you enjoy total peace of mind when driving, secure in the knowledge that if your car is stolen or written-off you are covered. Don't endanger yourself or the other drivers on the road - choose the PRIME MOTORTHRIFT Plan and make the responsible decision.

Get an online quote now by simply visiting or call our professional and friendly agents on 011 745 7800 and enjoy fixed premiums for life with our innovative car insurance plans.



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