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Get a Car Insurance Quote

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Existing Clients

For assistance with a policy or a claim

March 21, 2022

When does it make sense to downsize your car?

The essence of life is change, they say, and there may come a time when you need a smaller car. But would it make sense to downsize your car? Read on further to find out.1

Is your car too large to use? 1

Life patterns change. Although you were once a family of 5 with everyone squeezing into the car, the kids have now left home, leaving just the two of you. You lived in a spacious spot in a small town, but now you have an office in downtown Johannesburg where parking is limited.

Does a smaller car still have enough space? 1

This is a challenge, because you may still require a large boot for going on those frequent trips. You have just started giving some friends a regular lift to work, so you don’t want them all squashed into the back seat. It would be best if you decided whether you should keep the space you are used to but instead replace the car with a more affordable alternative.

Your car is costing you too much1

Downsizing a car could mean that a smaller car will use less fuel and is cheaper to maintain. As a result, your monthly car insurance premium would also be less.

What small car could solve the situation? 1

If you are experiencing a low income, a small economic petrol hatchback or a small diesel car could be the answer. Try and buy a car that still has a manufacturer’s warranty. Ensure the car comes with a complete service history, which means it has been well maintained. This, in turn, minimises the chance of expensive repairs in the future.

Do I really need a performance car? 1

You may have become used to pushing down the pedal and feeling that surge of power taking you forward. But do you need that when it comes at such a price? A car with a smaller engine is not only more affordable to buy but is also more economical to run and maintain. With a small downsize, you could save yourself considerable sums of money.

Is it true smaller cars are not as safe? 1

A common myth is that a smaller car is less safe than its larger counterpart. It isn't easy to generalise because there are so many different safety aspects to consider with each car. Granted that larger cars are that much heavier and have greater crumple zones, so smaller cars can be just as safe. The Renault Clio is a good example. Modern vehicles come with various safety ratings, so it’s essential to look out for that when buying your next car.


Because car insurance is complicated, this article can only provide information. If you want to buy a car insurance product, first consult a certified, financial adviser for professional advice.

If you are about to purchase your next new car, remember you are legally required to buy comprehensive car insurance if a bank provides finance. So why not buy affordable, comprehensive car insurance with fixed* premiums and reduce-to-zero excess* with PMD? Give PMD a call, or fill in a call me back form, and we will call you back to find out more.