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August 14, 2020

Spotify vs. Apple Music in South Africa in 2020

Music streaming is more common in 2020 than ever before and especially since the lockdown. There is nothing quite like relaxing to some music or getting the party started with your favourite tracks. There are quite a few options when it comes to music streaming services. It would be best if you considered all of your choices before you decide on your music playing service of choice. Let's explore two popular options. We will compare Spotify to Apple Music from a South African perspective.

Apple Music vs. Spotify, which is best? 1

Apple Music could be at an advantage if you already make use of a range of Apple products, which would make integrating its use seamless across all of your Apple devices. On the other hand, Spotify is available on more devices and third-party platforms. One could argue that both music streaming services offer great options regardless of what brand of cell phone and accessories you use. So, let's dig a little deeper and see what each music streaming services offers, which could help you decide.

Some people argue that Spotify is the king of music streaming. Still, others say that Apple Music is worth considering and it has steadily grown in popularity and has a lot to offer.

Apple Music & Spotify subscription prices 1,2,3

Apple Music has an ace up its sleeve. They are currently running a promotion that includes free access to Apple TV+ on their most affordable plan, the Student plan, for R29.99 per month. How does free music for 3 months sound? That's what Apple Music offers first-time users upfront. Apple Music's Student plan does not lack much at that competitive price, with access to '60 million songs' according to the music streaming service. It sounds like Apple Music has you covered for all of the music you could ever listen to.

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Spotify has a clear advantage over Apple Music with its free version, which comes with limitations and ads, but it’s always free. Spotify offers a free trial of its service that includes all of the benefits to first-time users for 30 days only. Spotify's cheapest subscription is the Individual subscription for R59.99 per month, double the price of Apple Music's Student plan. You could listen to 'millions of songs' with Spotify, so you should be able to find any songs on Spotify as well.

Podcasts 1

Spotify is more convenient when it comes to podcasts because you don't need another app for it, which is the case with Apple Music.

Music videos 1

Apple Music takes centre stage when it comes to video content. Spotify offers some video content but not music videos like Apple Music.

What is the usability like? 1

Both music streaming services are usable with no significant concerns regarding their daily use. Some may say that Apple Music has a more user-friendly interface compared to Spotify. Apple Music's search feature has more to offer compared to Spotify's search function.

Spotify and Apple Music offer similar services, each with their distinct advantages. So, what does it come down to in the end? The obvious factor would be personal preference, but the price point may seal the deal. Whichever music streaming you decide to use, do your research to see what suits your music needs the best.

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