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Prime Meridian Direct (PMD) is a well-established insurance company with a reputation for affordable rates and putting its client's first. Personal insurance is vital, particularly if you are leaving behind a family. Choosing to be insured is making a responsible decision, which will greatly benefit your loved ones in the event of your death. In today's stained economic climate especially, people are struggling to remain financially afloat and if your income is suddenly taken away, then your family is going to find their financial situation extremely burdened and distressing. If you choose the Prime Living Legacy Plan you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you and your family will be taken care of.

Jack Tasker is a 37-year-old male who was looking for an affordable Personal insurance option to provide cover for his entire family. He works at the local post office and makes enough to support his wife, Sally and their two children. A friend recommended Prime Meridian and so Jack decided to investigate the various insurance plans that the company offers.

He went onto the user-friendly website and browsed through the different Prime Living Legacy Plans and he was impressed with what he saw. He showed the benefits to Sally and she was particularly happy when she saw the affordable rates and the fact that you can receive up to R300, 000 guaranteed cash benefits and she was even more pleased when she noticed that the cash benefits are tax-free. She used to worry about what would happen to her family if her husband were to die, because he is the sole breadwinner and so when she read about the Prime Living Legacy Plan, she felt a big weight lift off her shoulders.

Together they identified how much cover their family required by looking at PMD’s easy-to-navigate website. The monthly premium that Jack must pay for the cover he wants is determined by his age. He then used the online quote feature and typed in his personal details and selected level of cover they wanted and the online price was immediately generated.

A few minutes later, one of PMD’s friendly, professional staff members phoned to discuss the quote and to answer all of their remaining questions. Jack wanted to know what happened if he died in an accident and was reassured to hear that he would be fully covered provided he pays all his premiums on time.

Sally asked what happened if one of the family members were to contract a terminal illness and was told that if the Insurer believes that the person will die within 12 months, they will pay 75% of the sum insured as an advance payment, with the remaining 25% paid upon death. She was very thankful, as hospital expenses and medical fees are expensive and the advanced sum of money would help to cover these costs.

Sally and Jack chose the Prime Living Legacy Plan because it is affordable and offered them the complete peace of mind that they were looking for. Having personal insurance means that you and your family can breathe a big sigh of relief, knowing that in the event of a tragedy, you won't be burdened financially and will be able to afford additional monetary demands, such as the funeral fee, outstanding medical expenses, bond and vehicle repayments and ordinary living costs.

For more information on PMD’s Prime Living Legacy plans, costs and benefits visit and get an online quote today. Alternatively, you can contact our professional and friendly agents and get a quote telephonically by calling 011 745 7800.



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Cellphone number is incorrect
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