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Prime Meridian Direct has a fantastic reputation for placing its client's needs above all else. The affordable rates ensure that anyone can be insured, with each division, including Car Insurance, Personal Insurance and the Hospital Plan, offering multiple options to suit any budget. Death is a reality which unfortunately we all have to face and without personal insurance, we can force our family members who are left behind into an extremely precarious financial position. Outstanding medical fees, funeral costs, unsettled vehicle payments, bonds and the everyday costs of living are expensive and if one of the main breadwinner's incomes is suddenly taken away, it can cause your family to face the possibility of financial ruin.

The number one benefit of personal insurance is peace of mind. You can rest easy in the knowledge that if anything does happen to you; your loved ones are covered and will be able to pay off all the additional expenses, such as the funeral fee. You can choose between individual cover and family cover and you can also decide the level of cover that you desire.

To get a quote is a simple process – visit and click on ‘Get an Online Quote’ button on the top right-hand corner of the website, select the ‘Life Cover’ option and navigate towards PRIME LIVINGLEGACY section. Type in your personal details and the level of cover you require and a monthly estimate will be generated immediately. A friendly, professional PMD agent will then call you to further discuss your quote and to answer any additional queries that you may have.
PRIME LIVINGLEGACY is a fantastic personal insurance option which is cheap and reliable.

If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and the insurer believes that you will die within a 12 month period, you will receive 75% of the sum insured as an advance payment and the remaining 25% will be paid upon your death. This means that you will be able to cover your medical expenses and you and your family won't have to be burdened by additional financial distress.

Become a Living legend and leave a lasting legacy. Choosing one of PMD’s Prime Living Legacy personal insurance plans means that you know that in the tragic event of your death, those left behind will not be burdened by the sudden loss of your income and will be able to cope financially. With Prime Meridian's cheap rates now everyone can enjoy complete peace of mind.
Get an online quote now by simply visiting or call our professional and friendly agents on 011 745 7800 and discover peace of mind with our innovative personal insurance plans.



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