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Cheap Personal Insurance For Bread Winners

Personal Insurance

While the concept of a breadwinner has become an old one as men and women can now be equally successful and earn similar incomes, it still has a place in South African society. Education and employment isn't always a given in households in South Africa, and in many families there is just one person providing for everyone else. Breadwinners are hugely important in society as they are relied on to feed, clothe and shelter their dependents that are unable to work.

There are many risks with having just one breadwinner or reliable income in a home. If the individual is forced to take sick leave or is unable to attend work everyone will feel the brunt of it. Worse yet, what would happen to them should the breadwinner become deceased. While local governments do the best that they can to offer assistance, there have been many reported cases of families going through huge financial difficulties.

This is where personal insurance comes in. While many families would prefer to spend all of their incomes on daily needs and expenses, it is vital to prepare for the future too. Having a personal insurance plan may require monthly payments, however in the long run it will be hugely beneficial. However, obtaining a social strategy has turned out to be quite difficult for many South Africans as most insurance plans are too comprehensive or expensive.

Cheap personal insurance is hard to come by, however one company in South Africa is standing head and shoulders above the rest for providing an affordable and simple personal insurance policy to low income earners. Prime Meridian specialises in car and personal insurance while maintaining low prices and an attention to customer service.

For just R2 a day, Walter Mahloko purchases a personal insurance plan in the hopes that it would pay out a hefty sum of money to his family in the event of his passing away. Aware of his dependents' well-being and needs, he made sure to list the names of the recipients in his will should the insurance need to be paid out. Walter has been paying his premiums for over two years and has peace of mind that his family will be able to look after themselves financially if anything should happen to him.

Walter is just one of the many South Africans who have signed up for this type of personal insurance. If ever paid out, family members will be offered up to R300 000 guaranteed cash benefits will cover the entire family and will be paid out immediately. And while the low price of the plan is one of its main attractions, the fact that it is completely non-discriminatory, covers the terminally ill and doesn't require customers to undergo medical examinations is further enticing.

Cheap personal insurance means that no South African has to worry about what will happen to their dependents when they are no longer around to look after them. Rest assured by a reliable insurance plan and service provider, families can get on with their lives knowing that they will be financially provided for in the future. A personal insurance plan will not only cover their future needs, but will offer them final comfort and will act as a reminder of your love for them.



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