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Every day, thousands of South Africans find themselves paying ridiculous amounts of money to insurers with the hopes that their loved ones will be looked after should they meet an untimely death.

While there are many things in life that we can control, illness and accidents are unfortunately out of our control. And while the emotional implications of suddenly losing a loved one are vast and devastating, the financial consequences can also be huge.

For many families, losing the breadwinner or a contributing salary is simply just out of the question - survival is based on their being able to provide an income every month or a wage every week. However, many families have been forced to cope or alter their lives, living conditions and prospects to simply put food on the table and pay the bills.

Personal Insurance plans have been designed to enable individuals to prepare for the worst. With personal cover, individuals can pay an amount to an insurer every month with the promise that the insurer will pay out a set amount to family members or a specified individual should an untimely death occur.

Many insurance companies are simply too expensive for the majority of South Africans to afford, with high premiums and very high extra expenses. For many South Africans, having a personal insurance plan is simply out of the question.

Prime Meridian Direct has recognised this need for South Africans to be insured for the worst and has come up with personal cover products which enables underprivileged South Africans to obtain a personal insurance plan. From just R5 a day, individuals can be insured; Prime Meridian Direct will pay up to R300 000 worth of benefits out in personal insurance.

While the main perk of personal insurance is that it ensures that financially dependent family members are left alone should they lose the main bread winner, there are many other benefits of having a personal insurance plan. For instance, should a breadwinner be in debt, the paid out benefits will cover them, funeral arrangements can be catered for, and medical expenses can be covered. Expenses such as vehicle expenses and bond repayments can often be too much for a grieving family to handle. "Prime Meridian Direct's PRIME LIVINGLEGACY" will ensure that all these expenses are looked after while maintaining a family's living conditions and lifestyles.

If you would like to ensure that your finances and family are looked after in the event of your untimely death but are unwilling or unable to pay the very expensive rates offered by most South African insurance companies, visit and get an online quote today. Alternatively, you can contact our professional and friendly agents and get a quote telephonically by calling 011 745 7800.



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